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My goal is to share many of my favorite images and educate as many people that want to learn about my techniques in photography. I stress in my photography workshops and classes that it is most important to have fun, but it is always such a great bonus to walk away with images that help us to recall the fun we had while visiting a location. Please explore Bear Woods Photography, I hope it inspires you to go create images and most of all have fun in the incredible world in which we live.  


Olympus Pen
Shutter Speeds
How shutter speeds change the mood of an image.... [Read More]
Caterpillars and Chrysalis
I plant many different plants in my gardens for the purpose of attracting insects, especially butterflies. Two years ago I planted a fennel plant to attract Black Swallowtails. The swallowtails don’t feed on the plants, but the plant is where the butterfly will lay it’s eggs, which... [Read More]
Bear Woods Photography officially was started in 1999 with my wife Evelyn as we sat on the porch of our cabin in the mountains above Jasper, Georgia. Unofficially, it began when I first developed my love of photography in the 70s. I began photographing around my yard in the mountains of North Georgia. As I expanded my love of photography and the places I went to photograph, I realized my desire in life to make a career of photography. In the early 90s I began teaching photography workshops and classes. Photography was responsible for Evelyn and I meeting and that common interest has been an important part of our life ever since. As we sat on our porch and talked about our next photography trip and discussed forming a company for our workshops and classes, we realized we were living in woods full of bears, literally. We realized they were not visitors in our woods, we were visitors in the bear's woods. It was a natural choice for us.

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