Advantages Of Keypad Door Locks

Keypad door locks are a more contemporary approach to secure doors. Rather than using a normal key to lock or open the door you simply key in a secret pin number on the keyboard.

Sometimes, such keypad door locks will include biometric features such as an eye or fingerprint reader or a slot for swiping an electronic authentication card. This keyless system has many advantages that make it a better choice than a key based locking system.

You eliminate the possibility of locking yourself out of your residence or office due to a lost key. And it not only the inconvenience of being shut out or in but also the drastic and costly measures you need to go through. For instance, if a spare key cannot be found or it will take some time before the key arrives on site, then the lock would need to be broken and replaced. See online mortise locks with the feature, advanced design concepts for extreme reliability and are manufactured with the finest materials.

For working parents who may not be at home by the time their children get back from school, a keypad door lock would be perfect. There would be no need for hiding copies of the door keys under mats or pots so the kids can retrieve them and open the door. Having copies of the keys hidden around the compound is a safety risk as an intruder only needs to watch your moves a number of times to understand where the key is normally hidden.

It is possible to prevent such risk through an electronic door lock as you need only advise all family members of this doorway combination or you can program the lock to take biometric identification for each person in the family. Parents can rest easy that anyone that doesn’t have the unlock code or whose biometric finger details are not on the system can’t get inside the house and the children are consequently relatively safe until the parent return.

Ordinary door locks can easily be picked and compromised. The possibility of someone copying your key is ever present when you are using a normal lock. An intruder might even get access to the key from a former occupant of your house.

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