All-Time Best MMA Fighters

There are several fighters in MMA that you should wish to be like for many diverse reasons.  We are going to talk about being a strong and respectable fighter. For more info on MMA, you can check out General MMA-MMA Life.

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Fedor: Fedor Emelianenko is your greatest MMA fighter in the history of the game undeniably.  Despite his first loss he’s still considered the very best in the world.

Model the “Last Emperor” by watching his struggles and listening to interviews.  He’s soft-spoken but packs the largest package of electricity in the game that any fighter offers.

Georges St. Pierre: Given the name as the best wrestler in the game as of right now, GSP is a winner that you can not help but like.  He’s got the strength of a gorilla at a 170-pound division.

GSP continues to keep being humble and walking through opponent after opponent.  His losses simply brought a wrecking machine from him when he was on his way back to the name.

Dan Henderson: Hendo is the Olympic wrestler turned nuclear predator back in Pride and a few in the UFC.  He’s the only fighter to fight and win concurrently in two different weight classes. Hendo is just another one of these soft-spoken, but incredibly powerful for their size type of fighters.

Watch a few of his old fights and learn from his struggles. These are definitely the most respectable and strong fighters you should emulate in MMA.

Of course, you’ll have to have strength and conditioning that’s practically un-human to measure them up.  Utilize a complete strength and conditioning program for MMA on your training.

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