How Chakra Sets Heal You?

Chakras are spiritual energy centers which control the supply of life force energy around the body changing how the body functions. The Chakras start at the bottom of the spine and complete over the top of the head. They’re aroused by energy vibrations, just like the vibrations found to resonate inside crystals. You can also buy one for you by logging in at Chakra Necklaces and ┬áZen Like

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Each Chakra resonates to another energy frequency as do every crystal, with each chakra having its own corresponding crystal. Crystals work with our own bodies mainly through the 7 main Chakras, also known as the aura and can actually be seen on special setting cameras that interpret each energy center as a specific color.

Chakras help to keep your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual equilibrium. Crystals can be chosen by their respective healing properties or you may choose by the color that’s associated with the Chakra regulating the particular disorder, disease, disorder or area of your life that requires healing or balancing.

Unfortunately, it’s extremely rare that all of our Chakra’s are in equilibrium. In natural/alternative medication it is recognized that a chakra that’s not in equilibrium can allow disharmony in the physical body which may cause illness. As soon as you have a greater comprehension of the Chakra System you will find it very easy to pick the most suitable crystals for you allowing you to practice self-recovery.

Chakra pendants, necklaces, and bracelets are a wonderful way of keeping your chakra’s in equilibrium during the day. Total Chakra sets of seven bowls play the entire sound and light spectrum and extend a consummate experience for Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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