Using Good Quality Humidor

A cigar humidor is a carefully constructed container to your cigars. The ordinary humidor for individual use will hold everywhere between 50-150 cigars. Many humidors also include something called a hygrometer. You can also visit for info regarding humidors.

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Much like you’d use a thermometer to measure temperature; the humidor hygrometer can be used to measure and regulate the humidity levels within your humidor.  This is a crucial dimension to make sure your cigars age nicely and keep their superior taste.

For the best results, cigars must be saved at an involving the assortment of 68% to 72% humidity.  This could be an average room temperature that’s 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are two varieties of humidor hygrometers, digital and analog.  Analog models are not as costly; nonetheless, they’re also not as reliable.  Digital models offer the precision that many cigar fans desire and ensure a more secure environment for the premium cigars.

Like many things in life, appropriate care and upkeep of your humidor and hygrometer are needed to keep their lifestyle and functionality.  Here are Only a few hints that are advocated:

  1. Don’t keep your humidor in direct sun; this is going to influence both humidity and temperature.
  2. When cleansing your humidor do not use any liquids as it might harm the timber.
  3. Use a soft cloth to wash down the exterior and inside of your humidor.
  4. Try not to put any items on top of your humidor. Over time it may damage the finish and perhaps even twist the wood. So for the best results follow these easy guidelines!  A humidor is a very best method for one to be certain you will enjoy your premium cigars nicely into the future.

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