How An Air Bag System Works?

Whenever your vehicle, truck, SUV or van is included in a crash, the Takata airbag lawsuit settlement sensors are the initial elements to discover the crash.

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In earlier automobiles, these detectors were fundamental switches that reacted to changes in speed as the vehicle slowed down throughout the crash. After two detectors “closed” to affirm that an accident was happening, electric current was permitted to flow into the airbag modules.

In newer vehicles, digital detectors measure the deceleration (negative acceleration) of the automobile, a procedure it mathematically via a computer algorithm, and compare the measured values to the values saved within in crash testing.

If the quantified values indicate that the collision is much more intense than the saved crash tests, the controller module will allow electric current to flow into the airbag modules.

When the electric current is flowing into the airbag modules, then it warms a “squib” inside the inflator which has a little filament within a container of explosive or flammable substance. When the filament gets hot, the compounds start to burn.

This burning sets a bigger response of a compound called sodium azide inside the inflater, which quickly creates hydrogen gas, together with many byproducts. In some vehicles, the sodium azide inflator has been replaced with an inflater utilizing pressurized gas, normally a mix of helium and argon. With either kind of inflater, the gasoline in the inflater then matches the cloth airbag that has been folded within the inflator.

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