Choosing Green Household Items

Green furnishings: use natural substances wherever possible, such as solid wood, linoleum for floors. For rugs, those made from wool or cotton is a great and green option. For hardwood flooring, select water-based finishes such as waterborne urethanes that include reduced VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as those provided by Bona; a Canadian firm specializing in hardwood flooring maintenance or perhaps IKEA that utilizes recycled wood chips within their wood. You can also visit to know more about household items.

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Additional green furnishings comprise beddings and cushions: supply for mattresses and cushions made from substances like natural cotton, wool, and kapok wool. The majority of these substances are frequently available on the internet or in stores.

Clothing: Pick material of organic fibers or natural all-natural fibers like wool, cotton particularly if they’re from renewable and chemical-free sources. The majority of these substances are also widely available on the internet or in stores like AnRawkz.

For cleansing goods, avoid buying chemical and antibacterial cleansers. Rather use products which are made from organic ingredients such as concentrated lemon oil along with saponins. It is also possible to create your own DIY cleaning products utilizing coconut oil, baking soda or lemon juice.

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