Diesel And Gasoline Fuel Injection Systems

Therefore, both, petrol and diesel engines are internal combustion engines. Both perform the function of converting chemical energy into mechanical energy using fuel injection system. Small chemical explosions occur in the combustion chambers of both the motors, but the way that they take place differs for each engine.

The significant difference between the motors is that gas engines have a spark plug which generated the spark to ignite the air/fuel mix in the combustion chamber, whereas diesel engines don’t have the spark plug as well as the gas is ignited by compressed air instead.

Here are some more differences by means of the functioning.

Gasoline fuel injection system

  • In a gas engine, the fuel injection system injects a homogeneous combination of fuel and air to the combustion chamber through the gas injector
  • The mixture is then compressed by the piston which moves up and down in the room to pressurize the air and gas mixture
  • The pressurized mixture is then ignited by the spark which is made by the spark plug
  • In gasoline engines, the fuel isn’t injected with high pressure because the fuel needs to mix with air in the gas valve prior to getting injected into the room. The pressure with which the mix is injected by the gas injector to the room will be 10 psi to 60 psi.  You can also browse http://www.spi-intertrade.com/product_1137226_en to read more about gasoline engine pump.

Diesel fuel injection system

  • Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines don’t have a spark plug
  • In these engines, the atmosphere is already present in the combustion chamber and is compacted
  • The gas is injected into the chamber through fuel injectors with the very substantial pressure of about 10,000 psi to 30,000 psi in the kind of fine mist
  • Since no spark plug is present to create a spark, the heated air will ignite the fuel that is injected into the combustion chamber with high pressure
  • so as to withstand high pressure and a temperature of approximately 400 levels, fuel injectors of this machine are built sturdier in contrast to that of gas injectors of the gas fuel injection system
  • a number of the diesel engine automobiles have glow plugs

 Once the vehicle is idle for quite a while or place in cold weather conditions, the temperatures of the cylinders and combustion chambers will be quite low. In such situations, the atmosphere in the combustion chamber Won’t get warm enough for ignition.

Glow plugs assist in heating up and raising the temperatures of the cylinders and combustion chambers, creating the Perfect condition for ignition.

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