Information About Commercial Floor Strippers

Well-waxed and finished flooring surfaces contribute substantially to the appearance and ambiance of a space. Proper stripping ensures flooring don’t lose their glow and glossiness. Commercial strippers are hired in schools, offices, hotels, hospitals, offices, public areas and other industrial institutions with higher traffic.

Commercial floor strippers for all floor types

It is possible to discover a number of distinct forms of commercial strippers on the marketplace these days. There appropriately formulated products out there for each sort of flooring. Franklin cleaning technologies once over flooring stripper is a worth no-rinse stripper which penetrates through and suspends normal floor finish buildup for rinse-free removal. It’s excellent for use on resilient and non-resilient flooring like mineral surfaces, asphalt, vinyl composition, terrazzo, rubber, brick, and quarry tile.

Flooring strippers also arrive in non-odor darkening models. The green choice stripper has great penetration attributes and emulsifies built up layers of flooring finish for effective tile removal by the auto scrubber or rotary machine. Its solvent-free property removes offensive odors related to conventional stripping formulas.

Powerful formulations for beautiful floors

Floor strippers such as aspire baseboard strippers include a formula that can effectively remove unsightly soils and wax out of the flooring. These heavy-duty strippers get flooring prepared for the use of a fresh layer of wax. These floor maintenance products are perfect for use on baseboards, kick plates and other vertical surfaces. Baseboard strip cleansers also come under this category. Particular aerosol strippers are now currently available to be used on hard-to-reach regions of the flooring.

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