Van Rental in Chonburi

The area of Chonburi can be overlooked by most tourists visiting Thailand however it’s worth considering as a substitute to the popular places.

The metropolis of Chonburi may be accomplished easily from Bangkok from varying the Bang Na Trad Highway 3 4 that’ll require you directly for the gorgeous region of Thailand.

The exact distance away from Bangkok is around 80 km. Chonburi city is recognized as a global top-notch tourist city, and it has undergone rapid growth within the last few years, therefore, you’ll locate fantastic hotels and top class restaurants.

Driving Suggestion: keep a couple hundred Thai Baht into your van if you get halted by the Thai authorities for a traffic breach also useful for its countless tollways you will strike. Come and see Thailand and travel in a cheap rental van with a driver (Also known as ‘เช่ารถตู้ราคาถูกพร้อมคนขับ’ in the Thai language) through contacting Vvip Vans.

Do see Ang Sila a standard beachfront fishing village only 5 km from Chonburi center. Ang Sila is famous for its fish specifically oysters and mussels. It’s also the spot to get a good rock pestle and mortar, so take note you bag allowance since these mortars are thick but do come in many various sizes. Really worth putting away some distance and lasts a lifetime unless lost.

Bangsaen shore that’s also nearby is a remarkably common destination for Thai’s to get each day visit to by Bangkok. The local Nogmom market focuses primarily on uncooked fish such as dried squid, dried shrimps and salty fish with the acquired taste.

Jomtien shore south of Pattaya offers 4 km of fresh sandy beaches, this particular section of Pattaya is calm and is preferred by both Thais and foreigners. Local Pattaya might be seen throughout your afternoon for shopping or at the day to go through the nightlife available in walking street.

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