Study English Language in Thailand

There are many cities around the world where you can study the English language. When making your decision about where to study, there are several things to consider – such as ease of transport, accommodation, teaching staff, courses and the ability to mix with a wide range of other international students. Studying English in Thailand makes sense for several reasons.
Students who decide to study English in another country want to challenge themselves in a safe environment and Thailand is certainly a good place to do that. You will be away from home but surrounded by friendly and helpful people and many other international students.

You will be around English speakers every day, which is a great environment for practicing and making progress in your studies. Get more information about English language courses through

In Thailand, you can study English in central city locations with modern facilities that have been specifically designed to cater to international students and assist them with their education. The heart of Thailand city is in Chitlom and is home to retail stores, office blocks, accommodation, and many educational facilities.

Located within minutes of this busy thoroughfare is the main Thailand University campus where many students from, not only, but the world come to study. The Thailand Central Library is situated just one block from Chit Lom and you will find a wealth of information to assist you with your study especially as membership is free for non-resident students who are under 18.

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