Laptop Security, Protecting Your Hardware

When it comes to laptop security, a lot of people’s immediate thoughts will turn to viral attacks, hacking, zombie computers, anti-virus software, firewalls and a whole host of other software related terms. One area of security that seems to be often overlooked by consumers is the physical safety of their computers; after all, what use is a well-protected OS if the device itself has been stolen?

Another important consideration that draws us back towards the operational side of things is how to secure your data in the event of a theft. Although much of what is stored in your hard drive will be of no use to criminal, sensitive information, bank statements or work-related correspondences could result in potentially fraudulent activities. You can browse for finest laptop lock cable.

First of all, when traveling it is important to secure your laptop in a specialized carrying case with a reinforced internal structure to absorb any bumps and knocks as well as concealing it from prying eyes. It is often a good idea to use a bag or rucksack which doesn’t actually look like a laptop case such as those designed by Targus or Golla and will attract less attention than more obviously designed carry bags or sleeves. Keep the bag within eyesight or if possible on your person at all times whilst you travel.

If you are using your laptop in a hotel or resort you should try to keep it with you as often as possible and utilize the room safe or a security locker within the property if one is available.

Even the most cautious of laptop owners may still be susceptible to theft, in which case it is important to protect the information you have stored on your hard drive. One of the best ways to prevent your data from being accessed is to encrypt the readable files into unreadable cipher using a recognized encryption program. The files that are selected to be encrypted will be inaccessible to anyone who does not possess the key, a password essentially, which unlocks the program and converts the files back to a readable format.

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