PVC Fittings And Advantages Of PVC White Pipe Fittings

PVC is a good building material and is widely used to make PVC and pipe fixtures. PVC is a type of plastic which stands for “Polyvinyl Chloride”. 

This is an environmentally friendly plastic containing 57% chlorine. This means that relatively less crude oil is needed to make it.

There are many amazing choices such as connectors, equipment such as pipes, elbows, brushing dampers, end caps, primers, etc.

‘White pipes’ (also known as ‘ท่อสีขาว’ in the Thai language) and equipment have a variety of applications ranging from pipe installation in residents to commercially complex water treatment systems. It’s tough, heat and fire-resistant, environmentally friendly and thermo resistant.

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PVC pipes also maintain water quality, stop leaks and provide good connections between pipes.

Advantages of PVC fittings

  • Low cost compared to other materials such as copper and iron.
  • PVC equipment is very simple to do and install.
  • No rusting like iron pipe fittings. Also, PVC pipe fittings are anti-corrosion. There are no toxic compounds that can corrode like this copper fixture.
  • This is not prone to fire when installing.

Pipes and fixtures of this material are environmentally friendly because the raw materials are environmentally friendly.

Resistant to acid. Because PVC pipes are resistant to most chemicals so they are widely used in agricultural where pipes are exposed to a number of chemicals, fertilizers, varying temperatures, and dry soils.

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