Craze for Bungee Jumping

If you have a friend or relative’s birthday comes and you’re struggling to think of a gift. Then, you can invest in an unpredictable and totally unique present, something that your friend will remember for the rest of their lives. 

And what could be more unique or unexpected incredible bungee jumping experience? Nothing beats the exhilarating rush freefalling on the speed with stunning views swirling around you.

The first modern bungee jumping day exercise took place in 1979 in the Bristol Clifton suspension bridge. Since the 1980s millions of bungee jump has been taken. In the world, the most famous bungee jumping site AJ Hackett Macau Tower.

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Perhaps the athlete  most responsible for bringing bungee jumping the world’s attention is New Zealand, AJ Hackett, who became famous through commercial jumping in 1986, making jumps from world landmarks like the Eiffel Tower.

At this time bungee jumping was becoming recognized as an official sport, practiced by professionals and non-professionals. 

Bungee jumping is an exceptional gift  for someone, but if you feel you may be worried about your friends do it yourself, you can always join in the experience as well as there are a number of break-taking group events are available. 

In recent years, indoor bungee jumping has become a popular choice of recreational pastime, especially for people who do not like heights outdoors. Indoor bungee jumping also has benefits that are possible even in the case of bad weather conditions.

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