Different Type Of Cladding Materials For Your Home

Cladding is something that needs to take into considerations when we were doing the exterior of a home or any other building. It increases the beauty of home at the time it provides strength to walls.

Whether you hire an architect to design the exterior or you design your own. Here is some of the cladding material that you can consider for your home forever:

Wood: Wood is most commonly used for cladding. Wood cladding (which is also known as ‘ไม้หุ้ม’ in the Thai language) is the best choice for cladding which gives your home expensive look.

But in some areas where rain comes often this option is not appropriate. Because wood may lose color due to sun or rain. But you can avoid it by using good quality paint.

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Cement: If your budget is high then you can opt for this cladding material. This option is durable and provides a classic look to your home.

Bricks: Brick is mostly used in construction. Bricks used to build the foundation of your house. Bricks are easy to install hence preferred by many architects. Along with an attractive look, it also provides strength to your building.

Render: The cladding material can be used on top of the other claddings material as well. Because each layer of rendering highly pigmented, the cladding will not discolor over time. Implementation of this requires experience or someone professional this process takes about three days. This type of cladding used to increase the heat of the home. It is the most widely used cladding in Thailand.

Due to the availability of a wide variety of materials, it is easy to choose good cladding material. In this way, we can be creative without worrying about the cost too much.

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