How To Maintain And Care Stainless Steel Equipment

Stainless steel is secured from corrosion due to the layer of chromium on its surface. Atmospheric oxygen adds the stainless with chromium to create an unreceptive chromium oxide layer that protects stainless steel from corrosion.

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Proper and timely cleaning of stainless steel equipment is necessary to prevent it from rusting.

Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips to make sure your stainless steel equipment continues to be as shiny as new.

  • Regular cleaning should be done using warm and clean water using a soft cloth. This is simplest way of cleaning stainless steel equipment. After that, you should dry it with a clean towel to avoid normal water spots.
  • If marks of corrosion or rust showing on the stainless steel equipment then you may use mirror cleaning detergent to clean the steel surface. This helps to clean stainless steel without affecting its surface.
  • Use glass cleaner to remove the fingerprint mark from the surface of the stainless steel or as usual, you can also wash and then towel dry it.
  • Never use scrubbing pads or any material with rough texture as it is likely to damage the surface of stainless steel equipment. Always use dry cloth while cleaning and do not leave any water spot on the stainless steel.

These tips help you to maintain and clean your stainless steel equipment well. These tips will not take much time and not even require expensive products to do cleaning effectively.

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