All You Need To Know About Thai Food

Indian and Chinese food has gained wide popularity as recent generations have grown up with their presence. Mexican cuisine is still something of a novelty, but the food Thailand has enjoyed a real explosion of popularity in the last decade.

If you think that eating authentic Thai dessert (also known as “ขนมไทย” in the Thai language) at the Thai restaurant reservation required luxury and a wad of cash to blow, it’s time to rethink this idea.

Thai food delivery service is the most convenient way to enjoy fresh Thai cuisine without learning to make your own or booking reservations at an expensive restaurant.


There is a food item that is famous in Thai food known as chestnuts. Crispy water chestnuts (also known as “เกาลัด น้ำ” in the Thai language) are mostly cultivated in China and imported by Thailand and other countries.

Water chestnuts can not exist only in wetlands unless trenches are in place to regulate the water level. It takes a lot of effort and gardeners need to be equipped with the function and growth of this wonder plant.

If you find water chestnut in the pond or lake and it is not desirable, it can be treated with Aquacide pellets to keep it under control. It can be managed by hand pulling or herbicides and mechanical removal of water as a last resort.

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