Best Butterfly Valve Actuator In The Market

Butterfly valve pneumatic actuators is one of the latest techniques based machine that has created a revolution of time that has come into existence. This motor offers uncompromising standards of security, reliability and value to the work performed. 

‘Butterfly valve pneumatic actuators’ (Also known as ‘ตัวกระตุ้นนิวเมติกวาล์วผีเสื้อ ‘ in the Thai language) is more than suitable for applications such as a plug, ball, butterfly valves, and dampers.

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 In addition to a butterfly valve actuators, several other new products included are: –

  • A series pneumatic rack and pinion actuators
  • K Series Scotch Yoke actuators,
  • EW and electricity ER series

There are a large number of features and benefits offered by modern machines for businesses and the private sector. Some of the specifications of these actuators include

Sealing: Nitrile Buna-N-standard and optional ingredients available.

Shaft drive output: Electroless nickel-coated carbon steel.

Position Indicator: UV-resistant polypropylene.

Semi set: Springs are carbon steel and coated for corrosion resistance.

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