Designing a Small Garden Sloping Towards the House

Garden that sloping towards the house has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of having such garden perhaps is that you can view everything in it.

However, it has some disadvantages as well, the two more prominent are: in case the slope is steep enough, the house appears to be dark, and the second disadvantage can be of drainage as the water accumulates at the bottom near the house and may cause dampness problem. You can browse to know more about the artificial green
plant walls.

The shaped paving should tilt away from home and had no form of drainage at the foot of the stairs. Circular area of ​​paving can be done in different types and shapes. Area other than a circle can be shaded and in winter may be too slippery or smooth natural stone paving. Plant climbing on one of the corners will help to remove the area infertility.

A low retaining wall is used to level the area for chairs and pergola. Similarly, on the opposite corner, a small shed or summer are treated in the same way. The slope between the two borders to be from the rear fence to get down to the grass and the grass itself will slope down towards the stairs.

To avoid damage to the plant, pergola wood used must be pressure treated and stained. There are various forms of pergola that you can use, such as octagonal or hexagonal. But the design of the future, you need to adjust the seat under the pergola far back into the shade to have a comfortable seat. This design is not suitable for those who enjoy the sun a lot.

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