The Screws Bolts And Nuts

Screws, bolts and nuts of all kinds of fasteners characterized by their size and shape. This is the basic hardware item used in almost every industry in which the fasteners’ needs arise.

Bolts, nuts, and screws are used to mechanically connect things together. Most have threads as part of their design and can also be seen in the nuts, bolts, and screws.

Asia- pacific supply Co.,LTD industry that requires the various types of building materials such as metric bolts and nuts.

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Here are some types of metric bolts and nuts that can be found in the market today:

Metric bolts:

Stainless Steel Metric Bolts – Usually made of steel alloy, high corrosion resistance, used in industrial and outdoor environments.

Brass – This consists of 2/3 Copper and 1/3 Zinc, has a good corrosion-resistant property, and highly conductive of electricity.

Nylon – this particular kind is not conductive, corrosion-resistant, and is best used for electrical assembly.

The basic shape of the screw is very functional and in the first century, people began producing hand-crafted wood screws. The transition of materials from wood to metal screws to complete the process making as a major component in manufacturing progress.

Innovation in the production of fasteners can only see yet vital fasteners continue to be used as the need for precision high technology industries including pharmaceuticals and aerospace. The importance of fasteners can be easily imagined, knowing that thousands of varieties are being produced and we use them on a daily basis.

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