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Educational microscopes play a valuable role in current education and research. As a great educational tool, the microscope is helping students to see a magnified image of everything from the cell walls of plants. 

A high power microscope can be used to view minute objects such as bacteria, plant cells, and blood samples. High power microscope including biological microscopes, compound microscopes, and metallurgical microscope. Education compound microscopes are used to view the microscopic world. For more information on educational microscopes, visitกล้องจุลทรรศน์-1374690-th.html.

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Educational microscopes offer maximum flexibility and accuracy to see the image. Because there are different types of educational microscopes, one that is chosen to be the best-fit students’ needs. 

A low power microscope – also called stereo or dissecting microscope – used to see things more like stamps, coins, and grains of sand. Because it is easy to focus, the type of microscope is especially suitable for young children. There are three models to choose from – single, double strength, and zoom stereo microscope types.

Digital microscopes are also very used for educational purposes. This microscope will help students to see the big picture on a computer monitor, via a USB connection. Thus, they allow the projection of microscopic images for a large audience.

Educational microscope equipped with a three or four-fold nosepiece, coaxial coarse for accurate focusing, and a reflecting mirror. A condenser with an indication of enlargement also offered. 

Most microscopes education cordless and rechargeable. Some models are equipped with a digital camera. Software for capturing images is also included. In addition to this, some companies’ microscopes offer additional accessories like a dust cover, immersion oil, glass slides and prepared.

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