What is the meaning of life?

Yet it is the one question that mankind has sought the answer to for centuries. Philosophers have done their best to answer it. Great thinkers from time immemorial have sought the answer.

Almost everyone will have asked this question in some form or other in the course of their life on earth, yet none have found one answer that satisfies all. If you want to know more about meaningful questions about life then you can check out this source: My Life Imprint.

Is this such an important, critical question which requires to be answered, if there’s not anyone definite answer?

Why is it that we even ask this question at the first location? Would not our own lives be much better off if we simply continued doing what we had been doing, and living how we’re living?

The energy and time invested in trying to answer this query in our lives may be put to greater use in doing something rewarding.

Assessing the timeless question

How can you go about answering this question from the first place? And should we find a response, how can we know that it’s the ideal answer?

We hunt for the reply to this question because we need to understand that our lives are spent doing something worthwhile, which is the conclusion of our own lives, we did not only live a futile presence which meant nothing.

However intellectually”directly” it might appear, in case the answer does not touch or empathize with my internal being, then it does not make sense to take this responsibility.