All About Bartenders and Their Services

A lot of people are confused about the role of a bartender in a restaurant. Some people see a bartender as a person that is just a waiter or server that is working behind the bar.

┬áThat is simply not the case. Bartenders perform a variety of job duties and functions that businesses rely on to be successful. Let’s take a look at what a bartender is and all of the roles that a bartender performs. You can also look for our bartending packages by clicking right here.

Custom Bartending Packages

Bartenders play a very important role in the operation of a restaurant, bar or hotel. They are responsible for helping to be attentive to the needs of customers and often spend the most time with many of the customers. Bartenders have the responsibility of making sure that all customers are of the proper drinking age before being able to purchase any drinks.

Bartenders have often licensed personnel that attended a bartending school to receive a license. They are trained in how to make hundreds of different drinks in a short amount of time. Some bartenders are much flashier than others and use advanced methods to serve drinks.

The pay of bartenders varies dramatically depending upon the duties performed and the location of the restaurant or bar. A high-quality establishment will pay a bartender a whole lot more money than just a local bar. Bartenders derive the bulk of their income from the generosity of customers.