Tips To Keep You Motivated To Exercise

When we are in school we are put on a schedule, which usually also included some physical activity.  Once we are out of school and start working full time physical activity can take a back seat and not a priority for our everyday life.  Whether you are trying to Lose Weight or want to lead a healthier lifestyle, here are some tips to keep you motivated.  

One tip I think gets overlooked is saying “no” to things.  Many times we find we don’t have time for exercise because our schedule is so impacted.  In order for you to make exercise a priority in your life, you may have to say no so some other things that may take away your time.  Filling up your day with too many commitments, most of which may drain you rather than give you energy, can become a bad habit and will continue to be an excuse you for not exercising.  Another tip when time is a factor is to try and multitask.  If you go to the gym and are on the treadmill try listening to a podcast or finding time saving recipes for dinner!  If you don’t have to time to make it to the gym there are so many online fitness class you can take.  Some are even made for those with busy lifestyles and the workouts are 20-30 minutes.  

Can Chiropractic Care Help With My Digestive Issues?

Digestive issues can affect anyone at any age but usually takes place in those over the age of 40.  Digestive issues can range from acid reflux, lactose intolerance, ulcers and constipation.  Did you know that your spine being out of alignment can cause some of these digestive issues?  The nerves in the thoracic (chest and abdominal) area of the spine are linked with digestion.  When these nerves are compressed they are not able to properly do their job and help the body with digestion.  Think of your nerve as a water hose, if there is a knot in the hose the water is not able to flow through.  The same goes for your nerve if there is compression or interference in the nerve it is unable to function/flow properly. 

Studies have shown that if the nerves that help the body's digestive system are blocked it can lead to problems such as; heartburn, bloating and gas.  For most people the solution for these digestive problems usually come from the drug store and include taking medications to help relieve the symptoms.  However this does not correct the problem it only helps to cover up the symptoms.   Getting adjusted with a chiropractic doctor has shown to help relieve the compression and interference in these nerves and allow the body’s digestive system to function properly.

If you are experiencing digestive issues I would suggest making an appointment with your local San Deigo Chiropractor.  Most San Diego Chiropractors are able to take x-rays of the body as well as preform a nerve scan to show if there is any compression on the nerves in the thoracic area.  Getting adjusted regularly as well as modifying your diet can help to keep the digestive system functioning properly.  Many chiropractors have seen significant improvement in many of their patients who had digestive issues before getting adjusted.  Remember the improvements may not happen overnight but when the nerves are able to function properly they are able to keep the body healthy and happy!