Medical And Disability Management Software Tools

These tools join complete physical and chiropractic therapy standards within the instructions, which cover 2,500 investigations codes and 500 process codes.

They may be used through the web or via client intranets and can also be available for website licensure or leasing.

These medical and handicap guidelines tools are a part of the organization’s Integrated Care Management System (ICMS).

This patient-centric software platform is used by caregivers to telephonically handle all elements of instances in the first report of harm to claims closing.

This program is available on a standalone basis and can be used by a number of the biggest carriers and TPAs from the handicap management marketplace.

These programs provide severity- adjusted return-to-work ranges that take into consideration the requirements of a work in addition to the individual’s clinical problems. Hospital management system software that providers automate workflow, increase income and reduce costs.

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Each principle is designed with an integrated revision date to guarantee addition of up-to-date clinical advice in addition to compliance with NCQA and URAC grade criteria.

The ART includes comprehensive disability guidelines by investigation for all those accidents most commonly found in employees’ compensation and short- and – long-term disability claims.

Designed to assist claims professionals ascertain the appropriateness of case management intervention, it enables faster recovery, earlier return to work and decreased total claims costs.

The CGT is for onsite medical professionals and supplies additional clinical standards in addition to medical care and disability duration, office trip frequency, standardized treatment protocols along with hypertext links to associated investigations.