Unprofessional Behavior of a Physician

Unprofessional behavior on the job can equate to disruptive behavior. These lists provide particular examples of disruptive behavior.

  1. Applying inappropriate tags or opinions when speaking to colleagues
  2. Shaming others publicly for undesirable effects
  3. Berating an individual in public or private settings
  4. Engaging in overall displays of temper
  5. Demeaning language
  6. Using intimidation tactics to acquire compliance or control of other people
  7. Implementing improper Techniques of conflict resolution
  8. Targeting individuals who have less energy or standing on a professional or private level
  9. Trying to bind patients, staff or relatives, to have the ability to pursue your private pursuits


Harassment may look in several diverse forms at the workplace and outdoors. These records provide examples of sexual, personal, discriminatory, workplace, and retaliatory harassment. To view more about the unprofessional behavior you can search online.

It occurs when: 

Such behavior can be expected to embarrass, humiliate, offend, or cause distress or unhappiness to another Person or group.

  1. Making hurtful or insulting opinions toward one’s gender or one’s sexual orientation
  2. Chasing unwanted contact or attention in a persistent manner, after a consensual relationship, has ended.
  3. Personal harassment includes behavior in the workplace i.e.
  4. Considered undesirable by logical and thoughtful people
  5. Results in the recipient feeling humiliated
  6. Serves no legitimate office function