Select The Right Supplier For Your Granite Worktops

Granite worktops are rapidly becoming the best choice for kitchen worktops. Granite is the perfect choice of substance for a kitchen worktop. With hundreds of colours to select from, there is approximately certainly one out there to match every preference.

However, the problem for most people is not that they wouldn’t love elegant solid granite or quartz worktops in their new or existing kitchen but that they find it too expensive.

DIY installing and cutting your own quartz or granite work top isn’t actually advisable since it’s a specialised commerce requiring the appropriate tools and expertise.


The solution then would be to cut out the middleman and go directly into the fabricator.  You’re not confined to buying your worktops from the show room where you buy your own kitchen.

You are able to DIY work manage your very own brand new kitchen with cherry picking the ideal value components, appliances, installer not to mention work-top supplier and fitter.

Keep in mind that the showrooms do not manufacture or match granite worktops themselves, so they simply sub contract out this work into the fabricator and then put in their mark up.

In the case of the small independent showrooms this is normally a reasonable and small markup reflecting the extra work and responsibility involved, however with the big nationals and department stores with their huge and bureaucratic ordering process the price can be as much as two and a half times what you would pay a fabricator direct for the same countertop.