How do Hormonal IUDs Work?

IUD stands for the intrauterine device – a method of birth control that sits in your womb. A hormonal IUD is a small piece of flexible plastic shaped like a T. a hormonal IUD releases a small number of progestin hormones into your body for a few years. Progestin is very similar to the hormone progesterone that the body makes naturally.

The hormones in the IUD help prevent pregnancy, and can also help with painful or heavy periods while you are using it. You can browse various online sources and find more about the Skyla IUD device.

Hormonal IUDs prevent pregnancy by keeping sperm cells away from your eggs. If sperm can not make it to the egg, pregnancy can not occur. The hormones in the IUD prevent pregnancy in two ways:

1) The hormonal IUD makes the mucus in your cervix thicker. The mucus blocks sperm that can not get to the egg.

Skyla IUD Birth Control Information

2) hormones in the IUD can also stop an egg from the ovary leave you (called ovulation), which means no egg for sperm to fertilize. No eggs = no pregnancies.

One of the marvelous things about the IUD is that they last for years, but they are not permanent. If you decide that you want to become pregnant, or if you just do not want to have your IUD again, the nurse or doctor can take it out. Once you get your IUD is removed, fertility returns to normal.

What kind of hormonal IUD?

There are four brands of hormonal IUDs available in the United States.: Mirena, Kyleena, Liletta, and Skyla. They all work together and have the same kind of hormones in it.

Different hormonal IUDs last for a different time period: Mirena IUD and Liletta work up to 7 years, Kyleena work up to 5 years. Skyla works up to 3 years.