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When you think of Facebook Chatbots, you're probably thinking of something that can post on your wall or reply to your e-mails. But a Facebook Messenger Chatbot can do many other things as well – from providing news updates to suggesting new purchases.

A Facebook Messenger Chatbot can give you news notifications that happen to be sent to your phone. You can set the device to automatically deliver the news updates to your phone, but if you want to get the news without thinking about it, you can simply accept the notifications yourself. You can have your friends with you as you decide what to do.

Messenger Chatbots can recommend articles to read, taking all the drudgery out of it. You may not need to be as informed as you used to be, but you may be able to pass on a useful tidbit about a news story that can help someone else.

With the help of Messenger Chatbots, it's possible to post items of interest to Facebook through chat. The chats are non-intrusive and don't interrupt with any notifications, so you can browse the Internet through your chat.

Messages can be sent to a group of friends in groups, then read individually. Messages can be forwarded to people in groups and to family and friends, all from one account. So if you have a chat with someone that seems like they're having a difficult time and you don't feel like waiting around for them to read it, you can just forward it.

With the Facebook Messenger Chatbot, you can send text messages that are forwarded to other accounts. Your messages can be formatted for voice or text and can include graphics or animated images. It's the perfect way to quickly give your friends a message they'll enjoy.

You can use your Facebook Chatbot to add comments and conversation highlights to a page or post. You can include comments that give answers to questions you're asking and you can add groups of conversation highlights to a certain thread to provide more detail.

A Facebook Messenger Chatbot can automatically send blog posts from your blog to the feed. If you post a blog on your Facebook page, your friends can also send blog comments to it and if you also publish your own blog posts on your page, you can also post comments and blog highlights to it.

You can organize your Facebook friends into lists and give them specific tasks to complete each day. You can schedule certain tasks to be completed each week and the Facebook Chatbot will manage them for you.

With the Facebook Messenger Bot, you can connect with people across the world with the help of Facebook's extensive international network. Facebook's Messenger Platform gives you access to international business directories and events in your area.

You can easily view photographs on your Facebook profile, and even share them with friends that you have a connection with. There's no need to take all the pictures yourself; the Facebook Messenger Bot can scan your Facebook photos and upload them for you to view.

Through its Facebook Messenger Bot features, you can instantly get in touch with others you might know by giving them a simple link to your profile. It's easy and hassle-free, and your Facebook friends will appreciate you sharing your interests with them!

Facebook Messenger Bot Features

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