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Using a Facebook Chatbot can be a great way to increase your sales. What makes Messenger a great place to do this is that it's a group of people all communicating with each other. Everyone knows everyone else so you're not just getting some new sales leads, you're getting leads from people you already know and will be having conversations with. Here are some great tips to help you get started with your Messenger Bot.

The first thing you should do is choose a name for your bot that doesn't include any names of users. This is to avoid anyone using the bot to stalk your account. So instead of something like "Buy Microwave", use something like "The User Names" or something similar.

Next, you need to set up a name like this. The bot should be able to log in with that name and password. You'll want to make sure that when someone uses the name to log in that they are logged into Facebook and you should add them as a friend before starting your bot.

One great thing about a user name is that you can use it to personalize the bot. For example, if you are selling microwave ovens, you could have the bot's name is something like "COOKIE!NOOPROLL". This would allow the bot to become a personalized joke. Just remember to change the text to be your own joke.

To make sure that it's a little more personal, you should add a profile picture and text to your bot. You'll want to have one that doesn't have your face in it, but still uses words or sentences in it. Some people like to use their friends as pictures, but I'm not always comfortable doing this. If you find that the pictures aren't clear enough, then it's okay to use another person.

You'll also want to set up the bot to be able to give out the message via an SMS program. These programs will allow you to send a text message to anyone who has your Facebook name or profile. This makes it even easier to get the user to add you as a friend.

Bots aren't always perfect, and sometimes they send out messages incorrectly. If you are getting a lot of these errors then you might need to modify the bot's system settings. There are two options here: you can use the "Modify Bot" option which will tell you what the error was and you can use the "Errors" option which will let you fix the errors on your own.

If the bot sent you a message and didn't say anything, then this means that you need to add "debug" to the bot's system settings. This will cause the bot to send a debug log that will show you what went wrong. This is very useful when you are troubleshooting a problem.

If the bot is sending messages to the wrong people, then it may be because there is some sort of bug in the bot's system. It's best to fix these types of bugs using the same approach you used to find the bug in the first place. If you're lucky, you can get the bug fixed by anyone who knows how to fix these things.

If you're only getting one or two messages and you still haven't received a fault message from the bot, then you should use the "Fault Message" option to look at the messages the bot has sent out. The fault message will give you the details about where the fault came from and will tell you the status of the fault. You should then contact the bot owner and let them know about the fault.

The Facebook Messenger Bot can be a great thing to use to get your website traffic going. This can also be a great way to get your sales going. You just need to ensure that you follow these simple steps so that you can get your bot set up and running quickly.

Having a Facebook Messenger Bot in place will increase your Facebook friends and even social media followers. So I recommend that you find a good bot and get it set up.

Facebook Messenger Bot – Gets A Marketing Robot