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Vitiligo is a medical condition that makes your skin shed its authentic color. Vitiligo varies from person to person, some might have just a few tiny spots and a few may have a more extensive color loss. Vitiligo is an acquired condition that may develop in any area of the body where there is a patch loss of melanin from the epidermis, causing a yellowish area around the skin.

Patients that suffer from vitiligo ought to be aware of the best treatment. You may browse the internet to find out the best vitiligo specialist in Melbourne.


Let me first make it clear for you vitiligo (also known as leucoderma) is a skin disease problem identified by developing white spots on different areas of the human body. Normally, white spots appear on parts of the body exposed to the sun, such as the face, feet, and hands, and then spread to other parts of the human body.

Vitiligo is produced since pigment-producing cells die as a result of the inadequate operation of melanocytes. Even though this is still a matter of debate, many physicians argue that vitiligo is a kind of autoimmune condition and may be treated by either medication or surgery. While there are lots of better and safer options available, let's take a look at the types of leukoderma therapy. 

Types of medical treatments are available for vitiligo: –

Steroid– During steroid treatment, doctors prefer corticosteroids to bring back color from a white patch of skin. The individual must use steroids for at least 3 to 4 weeks, only then they could see any improvement. Apart from this, it also needs to be known how many side effects the steroid has.

Immunomodulator – It's comparable to steroids; When it's suspected that vitiligo is due to the autoimmune destruction of melanocytes, doctors recommend immunomodulators. Its effect is limited and it may also increase the chance of skin cancer and lymphoma. 

Psoralen photochemotherapy– Powerful treatment choices with drugs are psoralen photochemotherapy. In this process, doctors use a combination of ultraviolet light treatment and medications to rejuvenate the skin. However, this treatment requires minimal tri-weekly visits to the hospital for months.

Finding The Right Place In Melbourne To Get The Best Vitiligo Treatment