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Stone is among the ideal flooring materials.  It's powerful but durable too and may be used everywhere.  

With appropriate care and upkeep, rock can really last a lifetime. You can renovate the balcony via (which is also called ‘ Renovieren Sie den Balkon ber ’ in German). 

Here are ideas about the best way best to maintain your rock flooring as amazing as the first day that you set up them. 

1.  Know the flooring.   Learn all you can on your own stone.  Bear in mind there are a vast array of stones.  What can be useful for you could be damaging to another.  

2.  Maintain off the dirt.  Dirt, sand, and dust are the rock's natural enemies. Off them with the usage of a soft broom and wash with plain water.  Even better, have snare mats in front and rear doors to keep dust and dirt off.

3.    They could strip the rock of its natural substances and discolor them together with the passing of time.  For food stains, simply use water and soap.  

4.  Pad the seats' legs.  However cautious you're, chairs can make undesirable marks in your rock flooring.  Avoid it by placing rubber or felt pads into the hints of the seats' legs.  You might even place pads on little tables, sofas, and other movable furniture.

5.  Teach your children.  Tell your children you spent a great deal of time, effort, and money to have such gorgeous flooring.   Ask them to not run about on roller skates, also.

Five Tips On Maintaining Your Stone Flooring