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For those who suffer from migraines, they only know classical symptoms associated with it. The terrible and throbbing headache that can persist from a matter of hours up to several days. Some migraine suffers may experience an 'aura', the flashing lights that cause distressing visual disturbance.

Other sufferers may have constant vomiting and nausea. Some migraine sufferers can experience one or all of these symptoms because there are several types. In fact, there are various types of migraines classified according to the causes and symptoms. You can check out the headache doctor at

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• Basic type 

First, there are two different types of migraines based on the aura. It is classified as a migraine with or without aura. Migraines with aura have initial symptoms such as light blinking in front of the eyes or blind point, often referred to as ocular migraine or ophthalmic. Ocular migraine patients may not necessarily headaches with this type.

• Children

We tend to associate migraines with adults, but children as young as five can develop a type of migraine called abdominal migraines. Symptoms for stomach migraines are severe abdominal pain near the navel.

Children may suffer from other classical symptoms such as,

• Diarrhea and

• Nausea, but not necessarily headaches.

How Many Types of Migraine Headaches