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As part of your annual property maintenance consulting a professional engineer for air conditioning service, there are some simple checks you can perform to keep your air conditioner running smoothly.

Keep your air conditioner clean

Most air conditioning damage is caused by poor hygiene. You can look for regular cleaning of the ventilation slots at which is essential for the life of your device.

Another easy way to improve the cleanliness of your air system is to remove the filter, spray it with an antibacterial spray, and rinse it with warm water. The cleaner you care for the device, the less often you need air conditioning.

Replace or clean the filter

The reason why an air horse system has a filter is to protect the mechanics inside and keep the air in your home or office clean. If this filter is not kept clean, your air conditioner will run harder and be less efficient. 

Make sure the condenser is not clogged

The condensing unit is the part of your air system that sits outside and takes in air. If this is blocked by dead leaves or weeds then your air conditioner may not be functioning at its best. 

Check the outside and inside airflow

After removing all obstructions from the condensing unit, check that the airflow in both units is strong and constant. If the airflow is poor, it could mean your air conditioner has a faulty fan or clogged coil.

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