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An aluminum dog box is ideal when it comes to transportation to the vet or to make a holiday trip enjoyable. Of course, dogs should always accompany the owner, but by now you have often seen dogs sitting either on the back seat of a vehicle or on the front passenger seat. 

The better alternative is an aluminum transport box, but here, too, quality is important. If you order your dog to be crate from the Internet or another dealer, you can assume it will be delivered. For more information about aluminum dog boxes visit

Aluminum Dog Box

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But this is not a problem, because, with a little manual skill, the dog crate is ready for use in a few minutes. Not only are single boxes, but double boxes are also offered to carry two animals. 

Depending on the model selected, they can be closed and opened with a snap-lock or a quick lock. Standard boxes are made of coffee and aluminum. 

The more expensive ones are of higher quality and are also aluminum resistant. They also have fiberglass-reinforced plastic connections and a non-slip tray, which instead has a special coating.

Also, the dog box must definitely have good workmanship, which is achieved if the box has connections attached and the surface is easy to clean.

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