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Having a pool and living green does not appear to mix. Pools consume a lot of energy to keep warm and clean and guzzle so much prized water it looks like a lost cause to reverse your sparkling blue swimming, green.  

However, there's great news for pool fans. Pool covers can make a large effect on energy, water, time, and money savings. You can get a retractable patio roof via

They are available in many different styles and colors so that you can select the one which suits your environment.

Just Take a Look at the truth the department of energy has submitted about solar covers:

Conserve water by reducing the quantity of make-up water required by 30%-50%Wow!   Meaning you placing less water to maintain the water amounts.

Additionally, the chemical amounts stay more constant so that you'll save yourself money and time by using less.  

However, the biggest benefit is heating. The typical solar cover will raise the water temperature by 10-15 levels!  

And the best part is solar power is free of charge, which means you won't need to keep paying the high price of heating the water by means of a pump.  

Or, even if you do not heat your swimming pool, then you're going to find an extra advantage of water and a more swim period.

Planning to set up solar panels?  If this is the case, do not miss the solar pool cover. Having one will lower the size of the solar panel system hence saving you money.

Therefore, in the event that you have a pool, then get a solar pool cover to go green and conserve energy, water, money, and time!

Solar Pool Cover To Save Water, Energy And Money
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