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DBT uses three types of therapeutic approaches to teach the four core skills Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Emotion Regulation. Some believe this combination of techniques is part of what makes DBT very effective. You can discover more about DBT therapy in Los Angeles via 

One-one therapy

DBT usually involves one hour of one-one therapy every week. In these sessions, you will talk to your therapist about whatever you do or try to manage. Your therapist will also use this time to build your skills and help you navigate specific challenges. 

Skill training

DBT involves skills training groups, which are similar to group therapy sessions. Skill groups usually meet once a week for two to three hours. The meeting generally lasts 24 weeks, but many DBT programs repeat skills training so that the program lasts a full year.

During the skill group, you will learn about and practice any skills, talk through scenarios with other people in your group. This is one of the main components of DBT.

Telephone training

Some therapists also offer telephone training for extra support between your one-on-one appointments. This is probably a good thing to have in your back pocket if you often feel overwhelmed or just need a little additional support. By telephone, your therapist will guide you through using your DBT skills to overcome the existing challenges.

What Techniques Does Los Angeles DBT Use

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