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Few years ago, when proper hospitals, cesarean, epidural, pitocin and other forms of birth of medicine were not available, At that time women gave birth to their child with the help of some instant natural mother. Today they are known as doula mother.  Learn more about doula in perth via

Similarly, A doula will give the mother to be with valuable care that is needed to move through the workforce successfully. She undivided attention, emotional support along with physical support gives strength to women who might otherwise find it difficult to go through the birthing process.

At times women who give birth depressed at a point when the only woman need to check on his progress. Then she need some one who will stay all the time with her and take care of her.

So instead of having a caring family member or friend to provide much-needed support, the hospital began to replace the irreplaceable resources with an epidural, c-sections and pitocin.

Incidentally, Pitocin is a drug that helped birth the woman pushing the baby out with forcing the woman's body to induce mechanical contraction, which naturally made with a touch or massage from "doula". This natural drug called oxytocin.

As childbirth moved more and more into the hospital. Today, women take them back the right to give birth. To remove all interventions and will return to the way nature intended. Natural childbirth with family and community support.


Why Do Doula Becoming More Popular These Days?
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